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The main concept for this project was reverse engineering a pre-existing product into something fresh.

The product, however, had to have some type of motor in it. I chose to do an electric screwdriver, and make it as small as possible.

What does it do?

  • An electric screwdriver allows the user to screw and unscrew driving fastteners through predrilled holes effortlessly.


Where is it being used?

  • It is used in homes, some assembly lines, but it can be used wherever there is screws or bolts.


Why is it valuable to the user?

  • It allows the user to insert screw quickly, accurately. It can be cost effective due to not needing to buy other manual screwdrivers. 

  • Requires less labor, lower RPM makes it easy to control.


How does it work generally?

  • Small carbon brushes that are inside the screwdriver conduct electricity between the rotating shaft and stationary wires.


Who are the users?

  • Hobbyists, homeowners, assembly line workers, PC builders, elderly

OthoDriver_IND361 copy.jpg

These product comparisons show more of the physical aspect. Forms, handle type, and activity help to show the different brand languages and their target user.

The heavy duty construction-like e-screwdrivers have a little more durability, where as one like the hobbiest allows for more torque control.


For the concept designs, I wanted to make something small that could reach into the tight spaces, and not hinder the users ability to remove the screw. 


The design also had to be something comfortable and universally pleasing to those who use it.

3 concepts.png

DrivX is the mini-electric screwdriver that allows you to fix anything anywhere. 


Two triggers for direction control, and easy of handling. The top button causes a clockwise rotation, bottom has a

counter-clockwise. This was done to spare room, instead of having a switch control.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a micro USB charger. 

Magnetic bit holder for quick changing of screw bits, cut down on prep/clean up time, and easy storage.





Charge port

Circuit board


Driv anything from A to X

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