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Utilized the concept of reverse-engineering with an electric screwdriver, and recreated it to be an effective tool in the most compact size possible for the user who works in tight fitting areas.


In the wake of Covid-19, Nirene works to combat the rising numbers of headache and body pains brought about by excessive screen time. By bringing cooling or heat sensations to the users head, it provides a miniture break, while realigning the spine preventing slouch via specific orthopedic framework.

JD CompressAir

Utilizing pre-existing company’s Visual Brand Language (i.e. John Deere), to replicate a product they normally don’t produce. Resulting in an air compressor that is styled after the John Deere tractors.


Cleaning device that steams the inside of a reusable water bottles or drinking glass; destroying built up bacteria. Thus cutting down on the pain, energy, and hassle of cleaning your bottle by simply pushing down on the mechanism which will result in sterilization of the drinking apparatus.

new pinchuplogo.png

Due to Covid-19, I was tasked with a time sensitive project focused on the manufacturing process of extrusion. Pinchup functions as a clothes hanger with the ability to add hooks for more storage, resulting in usage within the college dorm residences.

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