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JD CompressAir

Portable Air Compressor


This project was based researching, identifying and executing likeness to a companies visual brand language. The goal was to create a product, not normally made by the company, and mimic their visual brand language. 


I chose to use John Deere as the brand due to their iconic visual brand language.

JD wC.png

Hex Color: #367C2B

RGB: 54 124 43

Hex Color: #FFDE00

RGB: 255 222 0

Hex Color: #000000

RGB: 0 0 0

John Deere Lawn Tractors.jpg



When it comes to transport, everyone relies on some type of vehicle that uses a tire to get to a destination. With those tires come the importance of the tire's air pressure as it supports everything. Driving your vehicle with an imbalance in pressure causes negative impacts. It is all about have the perfect balanced amount in each one. Because of this you should check it regularly to ensure the best performance.

A portable air compressor which you can bring anywhere and provides reassurance wherever you go, even when a gas station isn't around

Black lines.png

For all of my ideation sketches, I was trying to make the compressor resemble tractor hoods of past John Deere models. Some compressors are based on current pre-existing models. The final concept model resembles the hood of a lawn mower.





Anodized aluminum pressure gauge
features copy.png
Stainless steel switch
Polycarbonate shell
Anondized black aluminum
Rubber cord for electrical wires
Threaded nylon protected tubing air tube
Rubber base to withstand vibration
hero w football copy.png
Dependable air you can bring anywhere.
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