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The sink-side drinkware steamer


After running a Google survey of water bottles and the cleaning process, the results were taken and summarized.

  • Roughly 36% of people clean their bottles daily.

  • Bottle bottoms, caps, and other components give the most cleaning problems.

  • People want something easy to use and requires minimal work.

  • Steam kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs within the bottle


The human body is made up of 60% water, and needs to be constantly hydrated. Americans contribute to almost 50 billion plastic bottles, and the world uses approximately 481.6 billion bottles per year. In order to combat the rising climate change crisis, many are opting for reusable bottles. 

While buying a reusable bottle does help the environment in the littlest of ways, it also brings the new duty of having to maintain the bottles cleanliness. Overtime, the bottle can build up bacteria from not only backwash and touching your mouth, but also from air particles, coming in contact with surfaces, and even your hands after touching an object. Something that you expect to keep you healthy could be cause more harm than perceived. So cleaning the outside is just as important, if not more, as the inside.  


How do you make the reusable water bottle/drinking glass cleaning process efficient and sustainable, while also properly eliminating all bacteria and mold buildup in/on the bottles, other bottle components, and glassware?

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Product Description

Steo is a sleek and colorful cleaning device that steam cleans the inside of a reusable water bottles or drinking glasses; destroying built up bacteria, mold, stains, or debris. Steo cuts down on the pain, energy, and hassle of cleaning your bottle just by simply pushing down. 


  • Steam anything from a water bottle, to wine glass, and a baby bottle.

  • Top cup functions as a steam protector for when you are not using it. To prevent steam burns. 

  • It also helps to clean a bottle cap by simply placing it under the cup and pushing down, allowing steam to build up and engulf the cap.


The personality of this product comes out in the color and materials. The silicone-rubber Steo top is meant to come in an array of colors to match your bottle or kitchen. Meanwhile the bottom can match your kitchen faucet.

Steo's steam chamber mounts under your sink and connects directly to the water line via a T-pipe. Run the water line to the unit, and reconnect the other hose to the other waterline. Then connect one pipe from the unit to the sink mount.

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