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Personal headache helper

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many people have had to make the switch to online schooling/work, with that came an increase in screen time, sitting, and the strain on the body that comes with it. 


These headaches and hours being hunched over a computer or phone also began to affect the eyes, neck, shoulders, upper and sometimes the lower back this is because all these extremities share nerves and muscles. Nirene helps to give a person a break in the day to recharge the internal batteries, while also trying to realign your body to how it should be.

User Analysis

This may be my most crucial form of research, the reason being is I need to have people try my product and see how it makes them feel. If I make something that does nothing, then clearly, I’m not doing my job. I really want this product to work/feel great to its full potential because it has the chance to impact a lot of people.


Obviously as you start designing you begin to realize all the different ways you could design your products. You think about the opportunities in your product that others may not have. Ways to either add or subtract any features you seem worthy. One big factor in my design that I will have to make is how do I get the possibility of temperature change to the different sizing of heads.

Personal Insights

I’m using this method of research 

because I know someone who suffered a traumatic brain injury and know other people who suffer from headaches or migraines. There is also a Google Forms survey that was used for a group consensus, I feel as though there is  enough knowledge on how things fit or what may be comfortable for most people within a few questions.

Information Collected

How much screen time did you have pre-COVID? (hours/day)



10 or more



How much screen time do you average now due to COVID? (hours/day)



More than 10



Do you think Covid-19, and the increased screen time makes matters worse?






After collecting data from a Google Forms survey, many people reported their personal headache issues varied. The data that stuck out was 14.7% increase in screen time ranging from 8-10 hours, but what was more alarming was the 8.7% increase in the 10+ hours category. Screen time has proven to affect eyesight and with the rise in work from home, non-stop screen time is becoming the new norm.

The questionnaire also helped me to better understand alternative remedies for headache relief, what causes the pain, where else in the body they experience pain during a headache and other such questions. Some key takeaways were: 


  • Heat/cold therapy

  • Headaches leading to body aches

  • What else helps to ease pain?

  • What will fit/work the best, but look sleek?

  • How else is your body affected headaches and screen time?  

Sketches2 copy.png
Sketches copy.png
Polyurethane Spandex (Wires inside carry heat/cooling)
Power Cord
Neoprene Sponge
Vibration Control
Polypropylene Shell
Temperature Control
Laydown man.png

Give yourself a constructive break

Sit Down.5 copy.png
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